Corporate Responsibility


We are committed to carry out projects responsibly and sustainably.


Health & Safety

Our programs aim to achieve leadership in the industry.


Environmental programs

Our activities aim to ensure compliance in all projects for resource usage, flora and fauna protection and impact mitigation.



We operate with the highest security standards to mitigate the risks associated with working in challenging environments.



Our Anti-Corruption Policy meets international anti-corruption standards and Mexican anti-corruption laws. It is one of the most extensive anti-corruption policies in the Mexican power sector and central pillar of our Governance.


Social Investment Strategy

We develop our SIS in accordance to IFC standards and to the Equator Principles. Our social investment strategy revolves around four themes: Network Building, Entrepreneurial Capacity Building, Essential Infrastructure and Talent Development.


Developing talent

Zuma has developed an initiative to create opportunities for low-income students to receive an outstanding education that will allow them to participate in the energy sector and promote social mobility. We believe that education and work opportunities are the drivers of social mobility.

INTROADS (2).png

Zuma has an alliance with INROADS since 2015 to identify and train talented young people from public universities with low socioeconomic resources to promote their comprehensive training and incorporate them into the sector. Last year, we received 6 Inroaders who joined the finance, legal and technical areas of Zuma.




Zuma provides scholarships to students in need and top students in the regions which host our projects. We provide high-school scholarships in each project’s influence area, as well as university scholarships to grant full living and tuition expenses to students from public high-schools to pursue college education in renowned private universities.